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Wetzel Technologies (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. was established in 2001. The strict quality control system provides the customers with ideal quality and high-performance filter media and finished products.
Wetzel Technologies (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. , possessing of l Originated and headquartered in Mannheim Germany, the company can be traced back to late 1990s, when businesses and professionals specialized in filtration technology started to gain reputation by providing quality air filtration products and service solutions to key industry users such as VW, BMW and Mercedes Benz. After over 20 years successful development,Wetzel Technologies is now offering products and services across Europe, North American, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

To cope with its successful development, in 2006 the company has invested in a production facility of over 15000 square meters in Shanghai China, the "Wetzel Technology Park", as its new global operations center. The establishment of the facility reflects the new global strategy of Wetzel Technologies to put more focus facing the China market. This new global operations center is now able to offer design and production of all three products lines of the company to its customers worldwide.

The Wetzel Filter Products are applied for car painting, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, office, hotel fields, etc. As one of the biggest filter suppliers in the world, Wetzel Technologies enjoys a good reputation in providing the best air filtration solution to its partners in both industrial and commercial segments all over the world.